GSSI 2020 International Real Estate Review Best Paper Awards

To promote research in real estate and show appreciation for the authors who submit articles to the International Real Estate Review (IRER), the Global Social Science Institute (GSSI) has established the 2020 Best Paper Awards for papers published in IRER. A total of four GSSI 2020 Best Paper Awards will be awarded to articles published in Volume 2019 and Issues 1 & 2 of Volume 2020 of the International Real Estate Review:

 -1 Gold Award: USD 10,000,
 -1 Silver Award: USD 5,000, and
 -2 Bronze Awards: USD 2,500 each.

The 2020 GSSI Best Paper Awards will be evaluated by the IRER editorial board members and determined by executive editors on the papers published on the above mentioned six issues of the International Real Estate Review. Publications by the executive editors of IRER shall not be eligible to win any of the awards. The prizes will be presented to the awardees at the 2020 AsRES-GCREC-AREUEA Joint Conference in Singapore.

GSSI, a U.S.-based non-profit organization and the publisher of the IRER, is organized and operated for educational and charitable purposes. Its objectives are to promote and conduct education and encourage research that applies academic theory and analytical techniques in real estate, housing finance, and allied areas; to provide financial support to students pursuing a graduate degree in the social sciences; and to assist, maintain, and endow the study and research in real estate and allied areas.